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HDC Development Cos.

Article by Russ Gager   September/October 2012 issue of CONSTRUCTION TODAY


When energy industry workers are flooding a town in North Dakota and rents skyrocket to $1,500 – several times the town’s normal rate – it is helpful to be a contractor that has the capabilities to build housing units quickly. That is just one of the specialties of HDC Development Cos.


Headquartered in St Joseph, Minn., many of the company’s projects in the last four years have been in the Bakken shale boom towns of Minot, Tioga and Stanley, N.D. “Over the last four years, we did 790 units of market-rate apartments in the oil region,” reports Jim Lemke, HDC’s senior vice president and co-owner. But housing units need support.


“They’re in need of housing and they’re very prosperous, but over the years, they never really did any planning as far as expanding their infrastructure,” Lemke points out. “Before they get housing, they need water and sewer in place. So the power and phone companies are really hustling right now. I’ve got a project I can’t get gas to.”

HDC Development

Article by Eric Slack  November/December 2014 issue of CONSTRUCTION TODAY


Formerly Helgeson Development, HDC Development got its start in 1970 and has built its reputation by specializing in the construction management and general contracting of commercial and multifamily housing. Its portfolio of successful developments includes more than 4,000 housing units and numerous other commercial projects. Thanks to its extensive experience, HDC Development can provide clients with expertise in development, market analysis, architect and site selection and construction supervision.


Leading the company today are President Roger Holtberg and Senior Vice President/Project Manager Jim Lemke. Holtberg has 43 years of experience in senior housing and is a licensed nursing home administrator, while Lemke has 34 years of experience as an expert in the construction of senior housing and multifamily housing. Lemke works in all facets of project development, including architectural services, design, estimating and overall project management.

HDC Developments

Article Written by Kecia Bal     December 10, 2014 issue of North American Builders


HDC Developments’ has filled a critical need for housing in North Dakota.


With about $60 million in construction under way in North Dakota’s booming Bakken region, HDC Developments has established itself as a reliable contractor for quality marketrate apartments in a region that desperately needs housing.


HDC, which specializes in construction management and general contracting throughout the upper Midwest, focused on building for North Dakota’s oil rush about six years ago. At the time, the longtime commercial and mult-family contractor was one of just a handful of companies that stepped forward to build dwellings to support the influx of workers and others drawn to the area’s revived oilfields, owner Jim Lemke says.


“There has just been a terrible need for housing there,” Lemke says. “That is why the man camps have sprung up. When we first started building out there, we realized the communities never anticipated this growth.”

HDC Development Cos.

Article Written by Kecia Bal     December 2015 issue of North American Builders


Building to Help Seniors Feel at Home


With more than 8,000 housing units developed under its direction so far, HDC Development Cos. has been part of the senior healthcare and housing arenas since 1970.


With a boom in senior housing projects nationally, plenty of new contractors are trying to figure out how to serve that population - and tap into a lucrative market. Builders and developers are scrambling to find the best ways to make senior housing feel less institutional and more like home.


But HDC Development Cos., based in St. Joseph, Minnesota, has been catering to the industry for decades, learning what works and what doesn't and how to best satisfy the clint and the end-users; seniors who want to enjoy a sense of community.

HDC Development Cos.

Article Written by Margaret Patricia Eaton   September 2017 issue of  Construction in Focus 


Builders Building Relationships 

According to the Population Reference Bureau Report, "Aging in the United States," Authored by Mark Maher and published in January 2016, "baby boomers born between 1946 & 1964 will reshape America's older population." 

In the projected demographic shift, "Americans Aged 65 and over will more than double from forty-six million today to over ninety-eight million by 2060, and the 65 and older age group's share of the total population will rise to nearly 24% from 15%." 

The report goes on to say, "many parts of the country - especially counties in the rural  Midwest - are 'aging in place' because disproportionate shares of young people have moved elsewhere."  

HDC Development

Article by Jim Harris   January/February 2014 issue of CONSTRUCTION TODAY


HDC Development Cos. LLC’s owners and superintendents are not afraid of leaving their home base in St. Joseph, Minn., in pursuit of a project. “Other companies might travel within about a 100-mile radius or so; we go out 800 miles or even further,” co-owner Jim Lemke says.


The construction management/general contracting company’s willingness to travel has led it to communities in North Dakota and Montana in the Bakken Shale oilfields, where it has completed 1,100 apartment units in the last five years. “As the oil industry has grown, one of the greatest needs in North Dakota is for market-rate apartments for oil industry workers, so that’s what we’ve been doing a lot of lately,” Lemke says. 

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